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General Life

As An Astrophycisist

As an astrophysicist and a mother, I have made it my goal to find ways to inspire young people, including my children, to pursue careers in science and engineering. Working in the field of physics and astronomy is a great way to get youngsters engaged in science. Children and adults are always amazed by the vastness of the cosmos and the mysteries it hides. They listen with interest when told about the discovery of new planets, stars exploding, and black holes that do not let anything escape from their strong voracious pull.

As A Mother

My two boys have always been fascinated by my work, and know already a lot about how stars are born, how they evolve, and how they die. They have attended many of my public talks, and sometimes they have had the opportunity to help me with STEM events. They also enjoy visiting my workplace, even if that means quietly sitting while I am behind the computer or attending a meeting. There is always a smile on their faces when we walk through the STScI’s lobby and see the Hubble Telescope model. I am grateful I can expose my kids to such exciting work. I hope they can understand my passion and commitment, and learn the importance of education, hard work, and never giving up. 

Kids require care, love, patience, understanding, and guidance.

Parents require strength, intelligence, and a strong commitment to their children. Being a parent can be extremely difficult, especially when dealing with children that have behavior issues.

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